Owner Douglas Kasper, MD is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician practicing in Texas for 20 years. He graduated locally from The University of Texas Memorial Herman in July of 2001. Extending his capabilities further, he is also a Certified Lab Director.

Dr. Kasper’s focus is to follow his passion of providing the highest level of concierge care to his patients. Spending time listening to them, while offering individualized patient care to help navigate their unique healthcare needs all the way. In his words, “both, being their advocate and demystifying medicine in terms they can understand”, bringing patients comfort and confidence during their medical journey.

A message from Dr. Kasper:

As an Emergency Physician in Houston for 20 plus years, I cannot recall a more unsettling time in my field of practice and with the world. I tell my beautiful wife Stephanie stories I’m barraged with. Stories of not only health maladies but people with loss of work, inability to go to school, missed family events, landlocked without travel, and simply unable to live life in safely and peace.

I’m passionate to bring testing to my community as I see the valuable and paramount need to test as surveillance, screening or as a diagnostic tool. Misconceptions are deeply rampant and this motivates me to help demystify testing and bring it to you, as this is your right and privilege.

Getting back to work and school and life is the remedy we all need. My Mission with PMT is to bring at least a modicum of security in our lives, knowing we are safe to embrace our family and work together again joyfully.